June Newsletter

SIMA Member

As of April 2011 Birchwood has become a member of SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association) SIMA was developed in 2006 to ensure professionalism and safer communities by helping those who manage snow & ice master essential skills and practices. By teaming up with SIMA, Birchwood is recognized as a professional by customers, vendors and other industry professionals.

As a member of SIMA, Birchwood accepts and fully agrees to abide by this Code and pledge to:

  • Practice honesty and integrity, adhering to the highest standards in our industry.
  • Utilize every practical opportunity to expand my professional knowledge, thereby improving myself and my profession.
  • Observe all state and federal laws.
  • Maintain the highest level of personal conduct to reflect positively upon the Snow and Ice industry.
  • Recognize and observe the highest standards of integrity in my relationships with fellow snow contractors and others associated with this profession and industry.
  • Express professional opinions on technical subjects publicly only when that opinion is founded upon adequate knowledge of facts and competence in the subject manner.
  • Uphold this Code of Ethics in all professional activity and use the SIMA name only for purposes that are authorized and fairly represent the organization and its professional standards.

The Birchwood team is excited to be a member of SIMA and look forward to a long successful future with them.

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