July Newsletter 2012

Wood Waste Reduction and Recycling

After the long winter months it is nice to see that summer is finally here. For Birchwood, that means it is time to pull the lawn mowers out, grab the leaf blowers and gas-up the line trimmers. In addition to our normal preparations Birchwood has introduced a new division to its already impressive line-up. The Wood Waste Reduction and Recycling Division started January of 2012 after purchasing a Bandit Beast 3680. This 500 horse power monster can reduce and recycle whole trees, stumps, pallets, green waste, railroad ties, piled brush and much, much more.  In addition to doing on-site grinding we now offer an on-site wood and green waste dump site at 11911 W. Silver Spring Rd. Milwaukee WI 53225. For a fee of $2.00 per yard anyone can dump unwanted wood and green waste during normal business hours. Call for details 414-527-3866

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