July Newsletter

Plow Truck Fabricating Process

Even though summer has just begun, Birchwood is constantly thinking about snow. In the past, we have purchased trucks complete with salters and plows. This proved to be a costly method for us. This year we decided to fabricate our own plow trucks.

The development begins after we purchase newer, but used, low mileage International 4300 cargo trucks. The first step in the fabrication process is to completely dismantle the truck down to just the chassis.  After that, we design and fabricate the new truck frames as well as shorten the chassis. When the truck returns from the paint shop, it is fitted with a custom made Monroe spreader and a 10’ Fisher snow plow.

In the end, 13 newly fabricated plow trucks will be added to the fleet. To make room for the upgraded equipment, 8 trucks from our fleet will be sold to the public. This new process of building our own trucks will ultimately save Birchwood over $130,000 this year. That is a savings that we can pass directly on to our customers.         

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